Eric Roberts & Emma Roberts

Eric Roberts is probably known as the older brother of the superstar Julia Roberts. Apart from being the brother of a stellar actress, Eric is also a brilliant actor who started his career in the entertainment industry in the early 1970s. His most notable films are the King of Gypsies, Runaway Train, and Star 80. Eric has more than 600 movie credits and was nominated for several awards. Eric was constantly well-praised for his effective acting skills in portraying villain characters, such as in The Dark Knight and The Expendables.

In 1992, Eric married Eliza Garrett. They did not have a child together. His only child was Emma Roberts from his relationship with Kelly Cunningham. Like his father and aunt, Emma pursued a career as an actress. Now, Eric is a grandfather as Emma gave birth to her first child in 2020 with Garrett Hedlund.