Hugh Jackman & Deborra – Lee Furness

The Wolverine star, Hugh Jackman, was smitten with his now-wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, when they met on the set of Correlli. It didn’t come as a surprise that they tied the knot after a year of dating. The couple had two children via adoption after Lee Furness suffered from several miscarriages. The investment money they put on IVF treatment was surely worth it. Though not their biological children, they are proud parents of Oscar and Ava.

Jackman and Furness celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary in 2016 and they are still very much together, and very much in love. Their advice to couples is to make time for their personal lives. They never fail to shower each other with love and that’s what makes their marriage strong over the years. Furness recalled the moment for one interview when they admitted their feelings to one another, and it was just the sweetest thing imaginable.